Research Team

Research at the Center for Advanced Subsurface Earth Resource Models is conducted by a large multidisciplinary team of researchers from the Colorado School of Mines and Virginia Tech with expertise in economic geology, geophysics, spatial statistics, high-performance computing, and mining and minerals engineering.

CASERM Leadership Team

Thomas Monecke

CASERM Director
Economic Geology, VMS Deposits, Hydrothermal Geochemistry, Archean Geology

Mary Carr

CASERM Manager
Research Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Holley

CASERM Site Director (Mines)
Associate Professor
Mining Engineering

Erik Westman

CASERM Site Director (VT)
Mining Engineering

Colorado School of Mines Team Members

NameDepartmentField of Study
Soutir BandyopadhyayApplied Mathematics and StatisticsSpatial and environmental statistics; time series
Zhaoshan ChangGeology and Geological EngineeringEconomic geology; skarn deposits; porphyry deposits; LA-ICP-MS; magma fertility
Mahadevan GaneshApplied Mathematics and StatisticsFast, high-order and high-performance computational algorithms
Richard GoldfarbGeology and Geological EngineeringEconomic geology; orogenic gold deposits
Elizabeth HolleyMining EngineeringMineral exploration, production, processing, and reclamation
David LeachGeology and Geological EngineeringEconomic geology; carbonate-hosted base metal deposits
Yaoguo LiGeophysicsGeophysical inverse theory; gravity, magnetic and electrical methods in resource exploration
Rael LipsonGeology and Geological EngineeringExploration strategy and targeting; structural controls on gold deposits
Hugh MillerMining EngineeringMining systems and technology, excavation, health and safety
Thomas MoneckeGeology and Geological EngineeringEconomic geology; geochemistry of hydrothermal ore deposits
Katharina PfaffGeology and Geological EngineeringMineralogy and mineral chemistry of hydrothermal systems
Luis TenorioApplied Mathematics and StatisticsQuantification of uncertainty; design methods for inverse problems
Hua WangComputer ScienceMachine learning and data mining

Virginia Tech Team Members

NameDepartmentField of Study
Robert BodnarGeosciencesFluid inclusions in geological processes
Martin ChapmanGeosciencesSeismicity and tectonics
Cheng ChenMining and Minerals EngineeringRock characterization using high-resolution imaging
John ChermakGeosciencesGeochemistry of fluid-mineral interactions
Julianne ChungMathematicsNumerical methods and software for inverse problems and imaging applications
Matthias ChungMathematicsComputational applications of inverse problems; machine learning
Robert GramacyStatisticsApplied computational statistics; spatial statistics; machine learning
Russell HewettMathematicsApplied inverse problems; deep learning; Earth subsurface characterization
John HoleGeosciencesSeismic and radar subsurface imaging; inversion
Brian LattimerMechanical Engineering Deep learning applied to imaging; remote sensing; fire dynamics; fire fighting
Eileen Martin MathematicsComputational methods and machine learning for Earth sciences; fiber optic seismic sensing
Ryan PollyeaGeosciencesGeostatistics and machine learning; multi-component fluid flow; fracture systems
Nino RipepiMining and Minerals EngineeringUnderground ground control; enhanced fluid production
Eric de SturlerMathematicsInverse problem solving and optimization; high-performance computing
Tim WarburtonMathematicsNumerical methods and computational tools for large scale physical modeling
Erik WestmanMining and Minerals Engineering3-D seismic time-lapse imaging

Graduate Students

NameSite (Department)
Kane BruceMines (Computer Science)
Ryan ChristiansonVT (Department of Statistics)
Michael KirschbaumMines (Geology and Geological Engineering)
Lyujian LuMines (Computer Science)
Stephen PiurkowskyMines (Geology and Geological Engineering)
Amit RotemMines (Applied Math & Statistics)
Hoon Seo Mines (Computer Science)
Erik TharalsonMines (Geology and Geological Engineering)
Alexander VidalMines (Applied Mathematics and Statistics)