Center Operation Procedures and Membership Agreements

  • CASERM Center Operation Procedures (March 13, 2024) (pdf)
  • CASERM Membership Agreement 2024 (Full Members) (doc)
  • CASERM Membership Agreement 2024 (Associate Members) (doc)
  • CASERM Data Use Agreement Template 2024 (pdf | doc)
  • CASERM IP Agreement for NSF INTERNs (doc)
  • CASERM Confidential Disclosure Agreement for Guest Participation in IAB Meetings 2024 (doc)

Documents for CASERM PIs

  • CASERM IAB Meeting Presentation Template (FallI | Spring)
  • CASERM Budget Template (xlsx)
  • CASERM Q2 and Q4 Project Report Template (doc)
  • CASERM Template for Minutes of Mentor Meetings (doc)
  • CASERM Poster template (ai | pdf)


  • CASERM Flyer (pdf)
  • CASERM Logo (png), CASERM Logo dark (png), CASERM Logo stacked (png), and CASERM Logo dark stacked (png)