Member Benefits

CASERM develops high-impact solutions helping exploration and mining companies address challenges across the mine life cycle, beginning with the exploration for subsurface earth resources continuing through mine operation as well as closure and environmental remediation. Membership is a cost-effective means to conduct research, with the membership fee greatly leveraged by other member’s fees and NSF grants. Members guide the direction of Center research and education through active involvement in research project selection and student mentoring. Participating in CASERM as an industry or government agency member provides many benefits.

Research, Collaboration and Oversight:

  • Members collectively set the research agenda of the Center
  • Members select and direct the progress of research projects
  • Members can propose research topics
  • Formal project reviews at semiannual meetings
  • Members get early access to results of research and technical advances
  • Rapid transfer of results from projects to Members
  • Full Members get royalty free license to new discoveries
  • Member can elect to send a visiting scientist to a Center’s university site to co-work on a project
  • Opportunity to network with both competitor and complementary companies

Leveraging Resources and Synergy:

  • Investment by members is highly leveraged
  • Risk of failure is lowered and distributed
  • 90% of contributions are directed towards the research (indirect costs are <10%)
  • Cost-effective R&D in today’s budget-tight environment
  • Access to university research labs with world-class facilities and personnel
  • Access to meetings, research reviews, and short courses
  • Members gain visibility through affiliation with the IUCRC

Personnel and Recruitment:

  • Access to strong cadre of faculty, students, and post-docs
  • Strong pool of experienced students for internships and hiring for permanent employment
  • Establish relationships with faculty at Mines and VT for potential future research under separate contract.