Center for Advanced Subsurface Earth Resource Models

The Center for Advanced Subsurface Earth Resource Models (CASERM) represents a collaborative venture between Mines and Virginia Tech aimed at solving research challenges in the development of 3D subsurface geological models for mineral deposits, particularly as these models integrate diverse geoscience data to inform decision making and minimize geological risk, beginning with locating and mining subsurface earth resources and continuing through mine closure and environmental remediation.


The CASERM is a collaborative research center that was formed with the purpose of developing fundamental knowledge that transforms the way geoscience data are used across the mining value chain. Research results are disseminated through publications, workshops, tradeshows, and other means. The CASERM also addresses the critical need for training and preparation of graduates and young professionals by educating future researchers, engineers, and scientists.

Research at the CASERM is supported through an active membership of exploration, mining, and service companies as well as government agencies. CASERM forms part of the National Science Foundation’s Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers program. The National Science Foundation takes a supporting role in the development and evolution of the CASERM and provides a framework for its operation.