Front Range Isotope Day 2022

Front Range Isotope Day

Friday, Aug 19, 2022, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The Front Range Isotope Day (FRIDay) is a meeting of isotope geochemists and geologists located in the Greater Denver Area. The meeting started when some USGS Isotope geochemists were visiting the Stable Isotope Lab at INSTAAR and realized that they could chat for hours – about instrumentation and calibrations to corrections and applications. They decided that we need a day to gather all of the researchers using isotopic tools from up and down the Front Range. And of course, we decided that Front Range Isotope Day would always happen on a Friday! The great thing about this meeting is that we do all kinds of research but use similar tools – so you can bring all of your nitty gritty shop talk problems and solutions, your neat new applications, or your hot-off-the-press, still-in-analysis results. We love to see the variety of work happening in our community. And we love to make connections with people who have the expertise you’d like to learn from, or the spare part you might need to borrow! 

For details, please contact Susann Stolze